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PortEco: Expression holds post-publication microarray gene expression data from E. coli experiments. Our goal is to provide free access to all published E. coli expression data. If you would like to use PortEco: Expression to share your expression data, please contact us.

Many of the search items below require a search term. Some of the queries expect a gene locus term such as ’lacZ' (without the quotes). Wildcard characters, '*' and '%' may also be used. For example ’lac*' (without quotes).

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February 20, 2013: We are in the process of migrating published E. coli microarray data into PortEco: Expression. Currently we have 2056 published microarrays from 117 publications. For more information about our import plans, please refer to our progress page.

Recent publication:
Vinella D,Potrykus K,Murphy H,Cashel M (2012): Effects on growth by changes of the balance between GreA, GreB, and DksA suggest mutual competition and functional redundancy in Escherichia coli. J Bacteriol 194(2):261-73

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Hubble J, Demeter J, Jin H, Mao M, Nitzberg M, Reddy TB, Wymore F, Zachariah ZK, Sherlock G, Ball CA. Implementation of GenePattern within the Stanford Microarray Database. Nucleic Acids Res 2009 Jan 1;37(Database Issue):D898-901
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